Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Always the Bridesman

Jon F has fully thrown himself into the role of bridesman. On the day, he's going to take care of the more manly duties while the bridesmaids and I get ready. As Jon puts it, "You'll all be worrying about blusher and garters and whether people can see your hip flasks through flimsy satin."

He's also going to get a guestbook for us ("John Lewis do a nice unicorn and sealskin blend") and is hunting down an oyster-coloured silk iPhone pouch.

But most of all, Jon F has been brilliant at helping me to remember I am a strong independent woman. For example, I am not sure whether to wear flowers in my hair. When I have attempted this look before it has been met with scathing disdain by Pete.

However, Jon F has some wise words. "Don't let him oppress you at this early stage," he writes. "If you want to wear flowers, wear f***ing flowers. It's your big day, not his. Or, I can make you a tiara tonight."

At least the colour scheme for the evening buffet is sorted. When I explained my stylistic vision for it to Pete, I asked if he minded that some people might think it is "a bit camp".

"No," he said. "I have already accepted that the only way this wedding could be any gayer would be if it were a civil partnership."

Can't wait to see Jon F tomorrow. He's going to join me and the bridesmaids at the nail bar to put the "man" in "manicure".

"I've not cut my nails for a week now, to give them more scope," he writes. "Thinking either palm trees or "chastity" in arabic."

Meanwhile, Minkley has run his wedding outfit by me for approval:

Two thumbs up!

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  1. So do we have to wear togas for the disco? I might wear a suit and bring a bedsheet in case of emergencies. And what wigs/hats do we need to bring?