Friday, 23 July 2010

Desperately Seeking Eric

Subject: Re: Szmanda

From: ellie@*********.net

Date: 23/07/10

Dear Eric Szmanda's agent,

Despite sending several emails, I still have not heard from you re: Eric Szmanda attending my wedding on his birthday.

I would appreciate a reply. If Eric Szmanda will not be joining us, I will offer his invitation to someone on the waiting list. I know Grandma
would love to be a part of the big day after all.

Obviously I'd rather have Eric Szmanda there, though. The more interviews I read with him, the more I just feel there are so many parallels between the story of mine and Pete's love and the life and work of Eric Szmanda.

For example, take Eric Szmanda's explanation of his long-term commitment to CSI: Las Vegas: "My character's gradual evolution from lab tech to CSI level three has kept me interested and challenged on a creative level." He could be talking about us.

Plus, I am sure any wedding breakfast speech he delivered would be full of wise words and piercing insight.
After all, who could disagree with the statement: "If anybody found a five year-old boy stuffed in a tupperware box, they'd be taken aback."

There are just 24 hours to go now but that's plenty of time to fly from LA to Lewisham. Accommodation shouldn't be a problem - I just checked and the Novotel still has Superior rooms available. Although a star of Eric Szmanda's stature would probably be more comfortable in one of the Executive ro
oms (hair dryers and Nespresso).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


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