Thursday, 18 February 2010

Chasing Eric

Sorry it's been so long since my last update. I've just been so busy. It's a real struggle trying to fit work in around my wedding commitments, let alone this blog!

I still haven't heard back from Sailor Jerry, OK!, Hello or Eric Szmanda. I am very disappointed. At this rate I am going to have to lower my expectations and go for Aftershock, Take A Break and Trevor Eve instead.

I'm not ready to give up yet though, so I've sent another email to Eric Szmanda's agent. Fingers crossed!

Subject: Re: Szmanda

From: ellie@*********.net
Date: 18/02/10

Hello again,

I have still not received a reply from you re: Eric Szmanda attending my wedding on his birthday. Perhaps Eric Szmanda needs further incentive before he is willing to commit?

If so, how about we promise him a m
ore significant role in the wedding? The groom has technically chosen a best man but I'm sure he would be willing to step down - after all, this is Eric Szmanda we are talking about!

Alternatively we are willing to offer Eric Szmanda a fee for attending, providing he reprises his role as Level 3 CSI Greg Sanders. I quite like the idea of him "dusting for prints" during the ceremony, taking DNA samples from guests, using the little torch and orange sunglasses to check for blood and semen etc. Could be quite fun I think?

Anyway, must press on - there's so much to organise before the big day that frankly right now, Eric Szmanda is the least of my worries!

Best regards,


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