Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Best man or Gok Wan?

Pete's best man, referred to here as Kitchon for obvious legal reasons, has been in touch. Clearly he has been reading this blog, for he writes: "I would like to put your mind at ease. There will be no service station shoes at YOUR wedding. I will work with you to ensure that Peter makes the right 'style choices'." Phew.

Kitchon continues, "I would like to suggest our partnership in thi
s project remains secretive, since our man will be easily spooked if he suspects he is being told what to wear. The objective here is make Peter think it was he who made decisions, when in reality he is following YOUR stylistic vision. Please send me information on your wedding themes, colour wheels, tone & texture books etc."

Already, Kitchon has come up with some excellent ideas for the mood board:

'Some day my prince will come...'

"This is more traditional a look," he writes. "Big in Denmark I'm told. Capes are a lot of fun. Obviously we'd change the feather to compliment the signature colours of your bridal gown and a small boy could be rented for a negligible cost."

'July the 24th be with you'

"This is a timeless look and I love the spats - nice touch. However, it would require a bit of updating. Four button jackets are a bit 1995, so we'd change down to a two button jacket."

'Save a horse, ride a cowboy'

"A hot look. However, we'd have to get Pete on the Maximuscle quick sharp. Barnes and myself are ready to go."

I love them all! But which look will Pete feel most comfortable in? Please vote in this week's poll to help me decide...

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