Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Loafers or flip-flops?

Many thanks to all those who voted in the recent poll. The question was:

"We are on a tight budget. Which of these wedding costs should we skimp on?"

The lines are now closed, the votes have been counted and the results are in:

Suit - 35%
Guests related to Pete - 40%
Shoes - 50%
(No I don't understand the maths either)

So good news, Grandad - you CAN come after all!

I'm sure Pete won't mind about the shoes. After all, let us think back to that sunny Saturday in 2007 when a group of us were on our way to someone else's stupid ****ing wedding. We stopped off at a motorway service station for lunch.

Next to the Costa Coffee was a shop selling men's shoes. "Ha ha," I said. "Look at that. What kind of a person would buy shoes in a service station?"

"Um," said Pete. "I think I forgot to pack my shoes."

And so, Pete attended a wedding in a pair of shoes he purchased at a service station. Perhaps not for the last time.

Mind you, I could really see him in these:

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