Tuesday, 8 December 2009

WHAT a nightmare

So we narrowed it down to three possible dates for the wedding and emailed the select close friends and family in the bridal party to make sure they're available. Turns out my driving instructor's on holiday on the 17th and the man from Favorite Chicken & Rib would rather go to his daughter's wedding on the 24th (selfish).

Plus I haven't heard back from Lizzy, Johan or Zac Efron. So there's only one thing for it - we're going to have three weddings to make sure everyone can come.

The problem being, obviously, I now need nine dresses. I'm considering this as another key look:

I'm concerned it's a bit too traditional, however. How about something more modern?

I think what I really want though is something in-between - classic yet stylish, elegant yet contemporary. I think Bertie may have found the answer:

Like something out of a Merchant Ivory film.

At least the honeymoon outfit is locked down.


  1. You can't dress in underwear for your own wedding Ellie. That's very silly and what would Pete's family say? No I think I'd better spend another day researching for you.

  2. What is this utter drivel?

  3. Sadly the comment system won't let me post a link, but if you google Hello Kitty wedding dress you will be able to see my suggestion for your special day. Becky