Friday, 18 December 2009

A hopeful request

Subject: Szmanda

From: ellie@*********.net

Date: 16/12/09 13:07


Hi there, I understand you represent Eric Szmanda, star of CSI: Las Vegas and the (to my mind woefully overlooked) romantic comedy '100 Girls'.

I am a big fan of CSI: Las Vegas (it is my third-favourite TV show) and Eric Szmanda's work in particular. It is for this reason that when picking a date for my wedding next year I chose 24th July - Eric Szmanda's birthday!

I do appreciate Eric Szmanda may be otherwised engaged on his birthday, perhaps sharing cake with Marg Helgenberger and George Eads. However, I would be honoured if he would show respect for the fact that it is also MY special day by attending my wedding.

The wedding will be in London which I know is a long way to come. However we would be happy to put Eric Szmanda up for a few days and I am sure he would enjoy exploring the surrounding area, comparing the sunny boulevards of LA to the streets of Lewisham etc.

If Eric Szmanda is not available, I would consider extending the invitation to any of your other celebrity clients who have birthdays on 24th July. However please note space is very tight so it would have to be someone of Eric Szmanda's calibe
r or above, i.e. no one from NCIS or Bones (Boreanaz being the obvious exception).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Fingers crossed!

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  1. Ha ha, I think this is brilliant el, and to be honest I think he'd be a rude f**king wanker if he doesn't come, and not elligibleto partay fabulous enoughto be At you special f**king day anyway!

    Btw I love love love the pumpkin ( orange,not see through,ageeing about privacy in lewisham/catford). And actually had trained all my pet hamsters in the fine art of dressmaking, but unfortunately they have been eaten by the cat, who is actually f**king rubbish at dress making, apologies XXXXXXX